About RED LPR 

The story of RED started in Southern California with a couple of colleagues who became close friends. With a combined experience of 30+ years in Machine Vision, LPR and Video Analytics, they’d often daydream about a business entity that treats its employees and customers like partners, a fun work environment that is also fun to do business with.

During a road-trip with an industry colleague and mentor, as they camped for the night along the Redwood Forests of Northern CA, they came up with the name Redwood Vision.

While one was driving, the other wrote the business plan, and financial plan, and the vision became reality. The name was shortened, but the Redwood Forest remained the inspiration our company and for a line of products all rooted together under one canopy.

RED mission statement is: “To be A Simple to work with, Reliable and Accurate LPR manufacturer, that offers a full spectrum of LPR solutions globally.”

We strive to deliver the following, in our product and business conduct:

Accuracy – We strive to communicate with our customers and partners accurately and honestly.

Simplicity – Our relationships should be simple and straightforward. What you see is what you get. Easy pricing, Simple to install, simple to do business with!

Reliability – We strive to be reliable and long lasting, both with our products and with our business relations.

Our intention is to build a brand we can be proud of, and products that you, our friends and partners can rely on. Your success is our success!


Sagy Amit – Founder / VP Marketing

With over 20 years in Security and smart CCTV markets, Sagy wears his passion for his customers on his sleeve. With multiple startups and one of the largest LPR sales in the United States history under his belt, Sagy’s knowledge and energy translates into a purposeful process of planning, development and deployment, of long lasting solutions that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Honesty and integrity drive his customer interactions, always ensuring final deployment outcome will meet or exceed stated objectives.

As an adrenaline junkie Sagy will join you in jumping out of planes, Scuba Diving along the equator, driving to see the Northern Lights – or deploying a successful and simple LPR system. He also enjoys traveling and seeing new places, along his required business travel routes.

Jeremy Barker – Founder / LPR Evangelist 

With 20 years experience in high-tech applications, 15 years in LPR specifically, Jeremy has held many titles with relation to his work in LPR, including Field Tech, Business Development, Project Management, and most recently, VP Sales for an international LPR company. As he realizes LPR is only as good as the support that comes with the product, he tirelessly supports and engages his customers to ensure complete satisfaction from both users and stakeholders of installations. With a solid technical and business understanding of LPR and the LPR market, Jeremy is well suited as RED LPR’s LPR Evangelist. Jeremy has successfully deployed LPR to satisfied customers in:

The US – Canada – Mexico – Guatemala – Dominican Republic – Panama – Costa Rica – Puerto Rico – Bahamas – El Salvador – Bolivia – Brazil – Argentina – France – UK – Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Israel

Joe Payne – Law Enforcement 

Mr. Payne is a former Police Officer and has over 20 years of successful business experience. He has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Houston and has extensive knowledge of computer systems, networking, ALPR and IT systems. He founded a highly successful company in 1999 and specialized in technology sales and service to Law Enforcement, Local and Federal government, and private enterprise.

Robert Byerly – Business Development

Mr. Byerly has been a business owner for over 20 years and involved with the ALPR industry for 10 years. He is considered an industry expert and has been a guest speaker in Mexico, Canada, and the US. He is intimately familiar with ALPR from both a technical and commercial perspective, and has extensive experience in Executive Management in International companies. He has held several positions within the industry including VP of Sales, Senior Business Development Manager, and National Sales Manager for several large ALPR companies.

Rafael Valdepena – VP R&D 

Mr. Valdepena is a top level Computer Vision Engineer with a specialized skillset in developing hardware and software for Video content analysis such as Object Detection / Classification / Recognition in real-time.  He graduated from the Universidad Autonoma of Aguascalientes and has been involved with developing Traffic & Law Enforcement ALPR products for Governments and Quality Assurance video analytics in Manufacturing Lines for several large companies including: Motodiesel Mexicana and Procesos Graficos (Worldwide Automobile License Plate Manufacturer).  He has been developing advanced ALPR algorithms for over 14 years and his passion is designing video processing solutions to recognize Objects and automating processes.