Accurate & Reliable License Plate Recognition
Tailored To Your Requirements

RED LPR offers a unique suite of LPR cameras specifically designed and tailored to any specific requirement. Reflective, non-reflective, out-of-state, local, or customized license plates should read with a high degree of accuracy every time. With our experience in LPR deployments across North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East, RED LPR is ready to recommend specific products which will allow for high-accuracy LPR 24/7/365

LPR systems need a brain – and RED LPR has you covered. Extended temperature, no moving parts, and vibration ready, our servers will guarantee your LPR is on and reliable when you need it. With servers for only a few lanes up to many lanes RED LPR will tailor the hardware to ensure sites have as much power as they need to stay up and functional.

RED LPR’s standard back-office includes all functionality required for high-accuracy real-time reporting as well as reliable past reporting. Facility inventory, whitelist / blacklist functionality and alerting, real-time alerting is all included in our standard back-office. As the system is network-available, where users simply log in to a webpage for all real-time and historical data with various levels of access is provided in each installation without ongoing fees, RED LPR’s solution is your ally in any environment.

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